We now provide more options than ever to control Bermuda grass.  Your options range from living with it by treating it with our warm season program, to doing a major lawn renovation and killing out all of the Bermuda.  We are sure that Nature’s Select can provide an option that you can live with:

Keep It and Treat It/Overseed in Fall with Rye
In many lawns where the Bermuda grass is the dominant turf, this is the best option. Nature’s Select’s treatment options can make the Bermuda grass you have look great, and give you the option of overseeding with Rye grass in the fall.

Bermuda Suppression
In lawns that are predominantly composed of Tall Fescue, and have a few sections of Bermuda grass, Bermuda Suppression is a great option. Using a combination of control products applied twice in August, Nature’s Select can reduce Bermuda grass population by 85% to 95%.

Bermuda Removal
This is the best option when you just simply want the Bermuda grass in your lawn gone. To accomplish a good Bermuda removal, your lawn must be fertilized and allowed to grow tall, then sprayed with the removal product. You must then wait for the grass to die, then mow at a low mowing height, and the areas must be sprayed again (one to two more times). Of course, we will then be ready to replace the areas with new turf through seeding. Call (336) 768-7999 for more information regarding this program because timing is essential to its success.