Safely Protects your Family From Mosquitoes

Using a combination of organic products to control live mosquitoes and their eggs, plus a natural repellent that lasts approximately 25 days, Nature’s Select can reduce mosquito populations by 90% or more.

This organic program is a great way to protect your children, pets, and all those you love from these biting pests, without harsh chemicals and without harming most beneficial insects. Four applications from May through September will help you take back control of your recreational areas.

Why Choose Select Mosquito Control?

The Environment.  Other mosquito companies apply their products with gas powered foggers.  Needless to say these applications do not always stay on the property that is being treated.

Nature’s Balance  Blanket spraying for insects has the harmful side effect of killing beneficial insects.  These "good" insects help us control damaging insects in the landscape.  Elimination of the beneficial insects is causing more damage to plants from harmful insects.  A good example of this is the increase in damage to Crape Myrtles from aphids because beneficial Ladybugs are being killed.

Less Harmful to Bees  The insecticides used by other mosquito companies are extremely toxic to bees. Bee populations are already suffering, but this great upsurge in spraying for mosquitoes is having a damaging effect on bees.

It Works!  Our organic product is remarkably effective in reducing mosquitoes safely. It also repels fleas and ticks.

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