Natures select is an amazing company to put it short!!

Natures select is an amazing company to put it short!! Most of the guys there are passionate and take pride in what they do, they are local to the area, and have the "Select Program" which you cant get anywhere else! The employees always do there best even when it's 95 degrees outside everyday+ the frigid winters.. it's really tough work and 90% percent of people don't realize what it takes! Not just the brute strength and stamina but also the "know how", the knowledge, and patients! Of course lawns can get diseases and the summer heat does a number on lawns but that is why your lawn needs to be properly cared for!

I recommend Natures Selects' Select program to those who are planning treat long term because it does take 2 to 3 years to fully establish and get the biological and micro organism in place! even the "traditional" is amazing because the service you receive with application is unsurpassed!

Jack Rumsey via Google+

Thank you, Nature's Select for your value...

I just read another review about this company saying they have "horrible service" and I don't quite understand why. I purchased my home in July of 2015 and immediately I contacted Natures Select to improve the condition of the lawn. I signed up for the basic lawncare program and had my yard aerated (sp.) and overseeded in the Fall of 2015 and it is now mid-March and my yard looks FANTASTIC. It is very green and virtually weed free and it hasn't even been a year.

Of course, you must follow directions as with everything--I don't water my lawn now but I did religiously immediately after my lawn was seeded. Drive by my home and see for yourself; even my neighbors have complimented its color and thickness. Thank you, Natures Select for your value (its less-expensive than you might think you have an attractive lawn), and quality service!

Nate Borne via Facebook

Wow, we now have a beautiful, thick, rich looking yard...

Each of the 7 treatments were specific to the needs of the season and included weed control, fertilizer as well as aeration and over seeding. We moved into this home in December of 1999 and I did little or no care of the yard other than cutting and limited watering. In preparation for retirement I gave Nature Select a challenge to remake my long neglected yard into a lawn. I wanted it to look like the Buena Vista reference lawns they sent me to see. 

Wow, we now have a beautiful, thick, rich looking yard and I'm retired. I will attempt to continue the care and feeding Nature Select provided but recognize that it isn't my best skill. If I can't keep it up I will definitely contract with them again. 

Bob Killmeier via Angie's List

...Would gladly recommend them to friends and neighbors.

The lawn care professionals who aerated, over-seeded and fertilized our yard did an outstanding job. They were punctual, very professional and very knowledgeable. Prior to aerating the yard, they explained exactly what work was going to be done that day and answered all of my questions. We have an in ground sprinkler system and my primary concern was whether or not any of the sprinkler heads would be damaged by the aeration equipment. I am pleased to report that not a single sprinkler head was damaged. 

It's been 5-weeks since the lawn service was provided and the yard looks great. We couldn't be happier. We plan to use Nature's Select for all of our lawn service needs and would gladly recommend them to friends and neighbors. 

Vince Zupo via Angie's List

...Went above and beyond to make sure I was fully satisfied

Nature select seems to be a very established well known company for lawn care.  My neighbor uses them to treat their lawn and it seems to always look very good.  When they seeded my yard something happened with their machine and about 1/3 of the total 3/4 acres of grass did not come up.  They told me that they have never had this happen but they thought it was a problem with the planting machine.  

The areas where the grass was actually planted came up very well.  The owner of the company got personally involved and worked with me and in my opinion went above and beyond to make sure I was fully satisfied with the seeding.  I think even good companies have problems sometimes and you can tell by their customer service to rectify the situation what type of company the really are. 

Chris Hipes via Angie's List

...Far and away better than anything else

I began using Nature's Select back in 1999 and have been extremely pleased.  When we moved in 2006,  I tried another service, thinking I would save money, but my lawn didn't respond. So, I had them begin treating the lawn at our new house and, voila, the landscape improved immediately.  Their aeration and seeding in the fall may not be inexpensive, but the results are far and away better than anything else I have tried and worth every penny.  We would highly recommend them.

Melody Salisbury via Angie's List