Make and Keep Your Landscape Healthy

Let the Nature's Select experts in plant health care give you peace of mind and help you protect your landscape investment. 

Our Tree & Shrub Program is designed to feed and protect your plants. Our fertilizers have natural and biological enhancements, providing optimal soil health levels for your ornamental plantings. Your plants benefit from high quality soil, and insect and disease control help protect the investment you have in your landscape. If your trees or shrubs are already "sick" we can diagnose your problem and recommend a course of treatment.

Spring I (January-March)

This application provides a biologically-enhanced fertilizer delivered by soil injection. Granular fertilizer is applied as needed. 

Spring II (March-April)

This application provides horticultural oil to control soft bodied insects and their eggs left from the winter months.

Summer I (May-July)

This application provides selective insect control, biologically enhanced fertilizer, and fungal disease control as needed. 

Summer II (July-September)

This application provides biologically-enhanced fertilizer, and insect control. Fungal diseases are assessed and controlled as needed. 

Fall (October-December)

This application provides horticultural oil to coat the leaves to prevent winter burn and smother soft bodied insects and eggs.